.NET Rocks road trip in a city near you


Get ready to become immersed in the power of Visual Studio 2012. The .NET Rocks! Team of Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell are on the road bringing you presentations focused on building modern applications on the Windows platform for both client-side and server-side technology.
At each stop, they will also record a live .NET Rocks! Show with a guest star that will be flown in for the occasion. Plus, you’ll learn about an exciting initiative to develop a Humanitarian Disaster Response Toolkit.
Events are FREE, and include food, drink, and geeking out. Come join us!



11/26 –

Tempe, AZ

11/27 –

San Diego, CA

11/28 –

Irvine, CA

11/29 –

Irvine, CA

11/30 -

Los Angeles, CA

12/3 –

San Francisco, CA

12/4 –

Sunnyvale, CA