Process Guidance Incorporating DB Pro Available!

The other major announcement we made this week was that the MSF Process Guidance Templates have been updated to incorporate the new database professional roles and this updated guidance is available today!


We have made updates to both the MSF Agile and MSF for CMMI process guidance templates to incorporate the new database developer and database administrator roles that are specifically targeted by the upcoming Team Edition for Database Professionals.


As I have said all along, Microsoft is building a database development solution that consists of two key components. The first is the great toolset we have integrated into Visual Studio to enable managed database development. Equally important is the updated process guidance describing just how your organization can implement an efficient and repeatable process to improve the efficiency, mitigate the risk of, and manage database changes.


You can find the updated MSF Agile guidance here and the updated MSF for CMMI guidance here. Check out Randy Miller’s blog post for details on how to install the new guidance.


These process guidance updates are only the first phase in rich guidance we hope to deliver to our customers. Expect white papers, articles, and such from the product team in the near future.


And of course, always come back to this blog for the latest tips, tricks, and best practices on database development.


Sachin Rekhi