My Sites Error - HTTP 403 (forbidden) on EditProfile.aspx

Just a quick one as I had this error occur on a test environment and couldn’t find much about it online.

If you get the error HTTP 403 when you try and edit a profile in My Sites (/_layouts/EditProfile.aspx?accountname=[account]") then fear not, it’ll most likely be because you’ve set the ‘portalsuperreaderaccount’ and ‘portalsuperuseraccount’ properties for the web-application and you’ve not given these accounts access to the My Sites web-application.

In the ULS logs of the web-front-end in question you’ll probably see errors like this:


The Fix

Add the users you’ve set for these properties to the web-application “User Policy" with “full-read” and “full control” rights as appropriate.



That’s it – no restarts or anything required – hit F5 and you’re good to go!