VS 2008 is out the door!

On December 19th, we officially announced that VS 2008 is released to manufacturing! This is the first release of the product (of any product for that matter) that I've worked heavily on, so I'm quite anxious to see the feedback on the work that we've done.

Aside from the obvious LINQ work that we've created for 2008, we've introduced several key new language features, and have done quite a few things under the hood as well, for both the compiler and the IDE. The introduction of lambdas mixed with method type inference was one of the primary reasons that we decided to rework the internal binding engine used by the IDE, and it was this work that I was primarily involved in. I got to have a hand in:

1) Re-tooling the binding engine so that it could be consumed by both the compiler and the IDE.

2) Re-tooling the Refactoring engine so that its results were consistent with the results used by the IDE for Intellisense.

3) Getting Intellisense support for all C# 3.0 language features, including lambdas and queries.

As you can see, when you fire up the editor and start coding away, you'll be using a lot of the stuff that I've worked on, so I'm hoping I've made y'all proud. I'm rather excited about the product, and hope that you guys'll give it a whirl. And please, by all means, tell me what you think of it!