FAQ: Storage Reference pages for Developers

Since the information on TechNet and MSDN can unfortunately be quite spread out, I wanted to post this consolidated list of resources for Storage driver developers, to keep this in one location.


Storage Devices Reference on MSDN

The section includes references on the following Storage related items:

  • Storage Routines
  • Storage Structures and Enumerations
  • I/O Requests for Mass Storage Drivers
  • Storage WMI classes for management


Storage Samples:

Samples for the following driver types are available:

  • AddFilter
  • CDROM Class Driver
  • Common Library for Storage Class Drivers
  • Disk Class Driver
  • DiskPerf filter driver
  • flpyDisk
  • Pciide
  • SCSI Pass Through Interface
  • Sfloppy
  • Storage SDIO Driver Sample
  • iSCSI WMI Sample
  • MPIO DSM Sample
  • Storport Example Driver



Design Guides:

Design guides for the following driver types are also available:

  • Storage Drivers
  • Storage Class Drivers
  • Storage Port Drivers
  • Storage Miniport Drivers
  • Storage Virtual Miniport Drivers
  • Storage Filter Drivers
  • Storage Silo Drivers
  • Crash Dump Filter Drivers
  • CD-Rom Drivers
  • Tape Drivers
  • Changer Drivers