Announcing October 2007 Sandcastle CTP Release


I am excited to announce the availability of October 2007 CTP version for Sandcastle. The latest version is now available for download at My sincere thanks to the Sandcastle user community for providing us with valuable feedback.

What's new in this version:

1. Reflection data files: The reflection files (generated from .net framework 3.5, vs2005 style) are included in the installer. After installation, they can be found under “%DxRoot%\Data\reflection”. In build_sandcastle.bat and build.proj, we have commented out the call to fxReflection.proj.

2. Conceptual example: A conceptual example is located at “DxRoot\Examples\conceptual”. To build it, please run the following command line commands.

Cd c:\program files\sandcastle\examples\conceptual


3. Conceptual configs: conceptual.config is added for conceptual build in each presentation style. The path is “Vs2005(/hana/prototype)\configuration\conceptual.config”.

4. Whidbey (VS 2005) style sheet: The old Whidbey style sheet is now available at “DxRoot\presentation\vs2005\style\whidby\presentation.css”. To use it, please copy it to “DxRoot\presentation\vs2005\style” and overwrite the existing css. Before doing this, you may want to backup that css file first.

5. Conceptual Authoring schemas: The schema files under “DxRoot\schemas\Authoring” are schemas for conceptual authoring. The root schema is developer.xsd. The conceptual sample xml can be found at “DxRoot\Examples\conceptual\dduexml”.

6. Reflection schema: The MrefBuilder reflection schema file is available under “DxRoot\schemas\Reflection” folder.

7. Firefox support: we fixed many bugs to make the produced html files compatible with the latest firefox browser.


Changes in this version:

  1. Reflection files are provided under “DxRoot\Data\Reflection” folder.
  2. Schema files for conceptual authoring and MrefBuilder provided.

Getting Started:

1. Using the command line option for the batch file under Examples/Sandcastle folder to build VS2005 or hana or prototype style CHM or HxS file

1. Build_sandcatle.bat vs2005 test

2. Build_sandcatle.bat prototype test

3. Build_sandcatle.bat hana test

If you need to generate hxs, please uncomment the following line in build_sandcastle.bat. Make sure "Microsoft Help 2.0 SDK" is installed on your machine.

::hxcomp.exe -p output\test.hxc

2. Using msbuild to generate build for VS2005 or hana or prototype, CHM or HxS file

1.    Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=vs2005

2.    Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=hana

3.    Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=prototype

To build hxs, add /target:Hxs, eg: Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=vs2005 /target:Hxs

Issues fixed in this version (Reported by Customers):

1. Sandcastle: Langword "null" is not rendering in vs2005 style

2. Sandcastle: Add other supported languages to configs

3. Sandcastle: The font of "send feedback" looks strange

4. Sandcastle: Method name has double '()' in prototype style

5. Sandcastle: No index entry in hxs build (prototype style)

6. Sandcastle: Format of Declaration Syntax section need to improve.(prototype)

7. Sandcastle: Nested type split type name with two dots. (prototype)

8. Sandcastle: Incorrect bracket order of generic type. (prototype)

9. Sandcastle: Add a switch to have the ApplyVSDocModel.xsl transformation generate an R:Project node with an auto-generated Namespaces topic

10. Sandcastle: Chm Title Property to project name instead of "help"

11. Sandcastle: Duplicate pubenumeration.gif and broken image

12. Sandcastle: The methodnames in the prototype template are having a strange trailing '()()'.

13. Sandcastle: In fxreflection.proj the itemgroup is called AssemblyFloders (typo)

14. Sandcastle: JS error using the VS2005 style when browsing the raw HTML topics in IE7

15. Sandcastle: Make DxRoot System Variable

16. Sandcastle: MRefBuilder namespace ripping feature bug

17. Sandcastle: Overridden methods in sealed classes do not show up in the class

18. Sandcastle: In VSOrcas style in the TOC, every item under the Methods, Properties,Events, Fields, and overloads containers is prefixed with the class name which is unnecessary and clutters up the list

19. Sandcastle: In VsOrcas style there are duplicate entries for namespaceNameHeader, methodIndexEntry, and runningHeaderText in reference_content.xml

20. Sandcastle: In VSOrcas style there is a remarksTitle entry in both reference_content.xml and shared_content.xml

21. Sandcastle: In VS2005 Replace getStyleDictionary() in CommonUtilities.js to fix 2 issues

22. Sandcastle: In VS2005 presentation <item id="XAMLLabel">XAML</item> is missing from the shared_content.xml file.

23. Sandcastle: In prototype style an exception occurs when generating the table of content if there are overloaded operators in the assembly

24. Sandcastle: In Prototype style nested classes prefixed with the parent class's name are not sorted into the correct location TOC

25. Sandcastle: In Prototype style Methods with no parameters on class members page and on the method pages show an extra set of parentheses

26. Sandcastle: In Prototype style Methods with no parameters on class members page and on the method pages show an extra set of parentheses

27. Sandcastle: In Prototype Style the <see> tag ignores inner text

28. Sandcastle: Changes to Prototype Presentation.css

29. Sandcastle: In Prototype the "style" attribute on the ManagedCPlusPlus <language> element in the TransformComponent configuration should be set to "cpp"

30. Sandcastle: In Prototype <item id="XAMLLabel">XAML</item> is missing from the shared_content.xml file.

31. Sandcastle: In Prototype Style <item id="comments"> is missing from the shared_content.xml file.

32. Sandcastle: In Prototype style <item id="VisualBasicUsageLabel"> in shared_content.xml should say "Visual Basic Usage" to match the other styles.

33. Sandcastle: Support u and font tags in the HTML passthrough section in the main_sandcastle.xsl

34. Sandcastle: For the VS2005 and VSOrcas style Overloads pages are being created for methods in base classes

35. Sandcastle: In VSOrcas the language syntax section are too tall when viewed in Firefox

36. Sandcastle: Several issues with Firefix

37. Sandcastle: Icon name of public enum should be "pubenumeration.gif" (hana)

38. Sandcastle: missing content items 'pubenumerationalttext' and 'pubclassalttext' (vsorcas style)

39. Sandcastle: Add VB support for the <see langword="abstract"/> also

40. Sandcastle: TOC has duplicate constructor nodes

41. Sandcastle: Plain text is showing as link with version-specific reflection files provided

42. Sandcastle: If the content is too long in the Tables in MREF docs there is no scrollbar displayed.(prototype style)

43. Sandcastle: Version info is not showing up

44. Sandcastle: Error of main_schema.xsl (prototype)

45. Sandcastle: Page has no vertical scrollbar.(prototype)

46. Sandcastle: Some share content items missed. (vsorcas)

47. Sandcastle: langword "null" should be displayed as "null" not "a null reference " also in bold just like "Nothing" in VB.

48. Sandcastle: The middle segment does not align with other segments in feedback section (whidbey stylesheet)

49. Sandcastle: Differences between whidbey stylesheet and current vs2005 stylesheet

50. Sandcastle: VSDoc Model bug causes Overloads TOC entry pages that are invalid

51. Sandcastle: The text is missing in Vs2005 style.

52. Sandcastle: The button and link of "send feedback" don't work.(vs2005 style)

53. Sandcastle: The link of "send comments" doesn't work.(hana style).

54. Sandcastle: The tabs is broken in VSOrcas (hana) style.

55. Sandcastle: The dropdownlist seems float.(prototype style).

56. Sandcastle: In firefox the font for feedback's title looks odd (vs2005 style)

57. Sandcastle: In firefox language filter does not work (vs2005 style)

58. Sandcastle: 'copycode' does not work in firefox

59. Sandcastle: The link of "Copy Code" doesn't work.

60. Sandcastle: Icon's alt text does not show up in firefox

61. Sandcastle: Support <seealso href=""> tag

62. Sandcastle: There some script errors in the html page under vista (hana style).

63. Sandcastle: Private field and method displayed in TOC but not in the detail content