Announcing Sandcastle Version 2.4.10115

I am excited to announce the availability of Sandcastle Version 2.4.10115. The latest version is now available for download at My sincere thanks to the Sandcastle user community for providing us with valuable feedback.

What's new in this version:

1. Web Output: Similar to docs published at I will post a separate blog about generating weboutput using Sandcastle.

2. Example GUI: A sample GUI under \Example\generic folder

3. Additional transform and syntax generator for documenting Script# ( I will post a seperate blog about this project.

4. Bug Fixes

Getting Started:

1. Using the command line option for the batch file under Examples/Sandcastle folder to build VS2005 or hana or prototype style CHM or HxS file

1. Build_sandcatle.bat vs2005 test

2. Build_sandcatle.bat prototype test

3. Build_sandcatle.bat hana test

If you need to generate hxs, please uncomment the following line in build_sandcastle.bat. Make sure "Microsoft Help 2.0 SDK" is installed on your machine.

::hxcomp.exe -p output\test.hxc

2. Using msbuild to generate build for VS2005 or hana or prototype, CHM or HxS file

1.    Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=vs2005

2.    Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=hana

3.    Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=prototype

To build hxs, add /target:Hxs, eg: Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=vs2005 /target:Hxs

3. Using GUI to generate build for VS2005 or hana or prototype, CHM or HxS file

A sample GUI is provided under \Example\generic folder. I will provide a separate blog about generating a build using the sample GUI.

Issues fixed in this version (Reported by Customers):

1. Sandcastle: Support Sandcastle in 64-bit machine

2. Sandcastle: Private field and method displayed in TOC but not in the detail content

3. Sandcastle: Remove Hardcoded space in file "script_feedBack.js".

4. Sandcastle: ChmBuilder only processes *.htm files. It should process *.html.

5. Sandcastle: Distinguish exe and dll's

6. Sandcastle: MSHelp Technology attribute is not present

7. Sandcastle: language filter does not align with navigator (prototype style)

8. Sandcastle: In Hana and Prototype styles, the span.selfLink class is missing and this causes links with that style to appear as blanks in the help file

9. Sandcastle: The Hana style fails to display the class name in the remarks for the Properties and Methods pages

10. Sandcastle: Support for VersionBuilder in Prototype and Hana styles

11. Sandcastle: Document Script#

12. Sandcastle: ApplyVSDocModel.xsl hangs when processing

13. Sandcastle: Example section need to improve.

14. Sandcastle: The "Members" section of Enum in Firefox is different from in IE

15. SandCastle: Chinese build has garbage chars (prototype and vsorcas style)

16. Sandcastle: "Namspaces" link takes us to an empty page (prototype style)

17. Sandcastle: "Copy Code" works incorrectly in FireFox

18. Sandcastle: section collapse does not works as expected all the time in Firefox.

19. Sandcastle: BuildAssembler.exe raised an error

20. Sandcastle: The Version of CommandLine.dll is not matched for DBCSFix.exe

21. Sandcastle: A warning about "nsrtitle" (Vs2005 style)

22. Sandcastle: Change 2005 to 2008 in copyright info (prototype style)

23. Sandcastle: MRefBuilder namespace ripping feature bug

24. Sandcastle: Bug in ripping nested classes

25. Sandcastle: Bug when doing a build that includes privates (/internal+) results in the non-nested class being ripped and the nested class being left

26. SandCastle: The icon of protected delegate is shown as public in .chm file