We are live in DNR TV!

We are now live at dnrTV! Please visit https://www.dnrtv.com/default.aspx?showNum=84 to view this show and some code! I would love to hear your feedback.

About 8 weeks ago David Wright (Architect and developer of Sandcastle documentation compiler) from my team and I interviewed with .NET Rocks! The Internet Audio Talk Show for .NET Developers. Carl Franklin, the co-host of .NET Rocks contacted couple weeks ago for another interview with dnrTV! He mentioned that his listeners have been asking about in-depth architecture details of Sandcastle after our radio show. I was thrilled to hear this J.

I have additional details for those who have not viewed dnrTV. dnrTv is a fusion of a training video and an interview show. Training videos are typically sterile and one-way. Let's face it, you can only take so much. But you need to see the code! In this format, you get the spontaneity of an interview talk show, and the detail of a webcast or training vide.

We had an hour long interview with Carl. We were provided with a VPC image to login and do a demo. David showed some code and we covered the following topics:

  • ¬†Sandcastle architecture
  • ¬†Sandcastle download and directory structure
  • MrefBuilder Config
  • BuildAssembler Config
  • Community projects

Hope you enjoy our interview.