Day5: Microsoft BizSpark Incubation Week for Windows 7 at Reston


Day5 coverage from Microsoft BizSpark Incubation Week for Windows 7 at Reston

We started the day with Panel Judges briefing. We were lucky to have a very strong panel including following:

1. Asher Epstein, Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship, U of Maryland

2. Errol Arkilic, National Science Foundation

3. Jennifer Odaniel, CIT GAP Funds

4. Loren Burnett,  NVTC Board of Directors

5. Frank Grubber, BizSpark Network Partner

6. Larry Gregory, Sr Director – Microsoft

Every team worked very hard the whole week and did very best to impress the judges. We saw very impressive presentations and solution demos utilizing new and unique features of Windows7, from following startup teams:


1. : Developed an application to provide Artificial Intelligence to Real Estate agents for getting tasks done quickly and cost effectively via virtual assistants across the world.

2. GMU-Student Team : Created a Personal Health Record application for individuals who concern the privacy of their medical data and want to actively participate in their own care.

3. Intertouch : Developed a next-generation, Multi-Touch signage platform, which puts the power of multi-touch, geospatial mapping, and advanced multi-media display frameworks in the hands of the out-of-home, hospitality, and other markets for way-finding, virtual concierge, and interactive advertising.

4. Take Comics : Developed an immersive online marketplace (iTunes for Comics) for digital comics, pixel perfect for any device, and merged social networking interface to promote and sell digital comics and merchandise, utilizing multi-touch capabilities of Windows7.

5. Vidizmo : Developed SCORM-compliant Interactive Video based learning solution that mashes up various content and applies search to the contents of the video and associated media assets. Very powerful and unique approach.

6. Xe-Xi : Developed an online Intelligent Advertising Platform for Retailers (MULTIFUNCTIONAL Ad'Modules®), which merges geo-social environment.

Right after lunch, Larry Gregory facilitated the panel judges deliberation to pick the winning teams. And the winners are:

Most Viable Business Award: Take Comics


Most Technical Innovation Award: InterTouch Media Technologies


Enjoy today’s pics..and watch the tweeter coverage here (

Few Microsoft Crew MembersAward Ceremony

GMU Student Team PresentationVidizmo Presentation

InterTouch PresentationXe-Xi Presentation

TakeComics PresentationFreeltor Presentation

Lunch Networking with Panel JudgesSima distributing Goodies

TakeComics - Most Viable Business AwardInterTouch - Most Technical Innovation Award

GMU Student & Dave DrachVidizmo & Loren Burnett

Xe-Xi & Frank GrubberFreeltor & Errol Arkilic

Take Comics & Larry GregoryInterTouch & Jennifer Odaniel

Sanjay Jain

ISV Architect Evangelist

Microsoft Corporation