Performance Testing Analysis Template for SharePoint Server 2010

Continuing my love for performance testing SharePoint and building on my previous posts on performance testing of SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007, I created a template for reporting and analyzing performance test results for SharePoint 2010.

It is an excel workbook. Sharing it here, as I feel, it could be useful to many others who need to do performance or load testing on SharePoint 2010.

This workbook provides templates for performance testing reporting and analysis for SharePoint Server 2010.

Many times, when IT Professionals do performance testing for some application, they are not sure what many things such as:

  • What performance counters to capture from servers
  • What key configurations/counters to capture from VSTS
  • How to record or report test results
  • How to create create test mix¬†
  • When they should consider a value as problem and what should they do to troubleshoot the problem

This workbook helps IT professionals in these tasks by providing templates as well as examples. Two worksheets (Test Results, Global Settings) had been created for Publishing sites, but can easily be extended to cover other workloads

Some of the material available here is available in Technet or in other resources also, but this document provides single point reference for everything required for reporting and analysing performance tests for SharePoint Server 2010. Also, this workbook should ONLY be used as a reference document (or as a template) and MUST be customized as per your requirements. Would love to hear to improve it further.

The workbook contains the following worksheets:

  1. Performance Targets - For validating success of failure of application in the performance testing, you need to set some performance targets. This worksheet provies typical performance targets.
  2. Test Results - template for how test results can be captured and compared in different runs. The worksheet also have most common counters that are required for analysing performance results. You can add/remove counters based on your requirement. The is written based on Visual Studio 2010. This worksheet can cover only 1 type of load test. For additional load tests, you need to create copies of this worksheet.
  3. Performance Counters - This worksheet provides list important performance counter that you should monitor during performance Testing. It also provides when that counter value can be taken as problem and what should be resolution steps.
  4. Test Mix Example 1 and 2 - The worksheets provide examples of how to define a test mix for a performance test
  5. Server Configs - It is very important that server configuration is recorded completely for any performance test. This worksheet provides an example of how it can be recorded.
  6. Global Settings - There are many settings (infrastructure or application or farm level) that remain constant for all performance test runs. However, if these are changed, these can change the performance test results greatly. Hence it very important to record these settings. This worksheet provides examples of such global settings

Performance Testing Analysis template for SharePoint 2010.xlsx