= Microsoft Habu

There was this lot of curiosity and speculations going around the notfornoobs website.

The site just gave a flash teaser where they showed Microsoft logo on some old TV box that was not even getting good transmission. Once the teaser was done, it just redirected to a page to say that they will let us know shortly what it was.

Well the curtains are raised and if you go to the website now, just after the teaser, you will reach the Microsoft Habu page.

Well, what exactly is Microsoft Habu?

As the site says it -

Microsoft has joined forces with gaming peripherals innovator Razer(TM). The result is a 2000 DPI Microsoft Habu Gaming Mouse, powered by Razor Precision (TM). The Microsoft Habu is jam-packed with technologies that will give gamers a performance edge in a comfortable shape.

And whats definitely interesting for all those gamers out there is that Habu will be available in just a couple of months - October 2006 to be precise.

So enjoy. And experience PC Gaming like never before.