Solving the error when updating Commerce Server using the Profile Adapter

When dealing with Commerce Server Adapters for BizTalk, you might face an issue where the Profile Adapter returns this message on update -

<?xml version="1.0"?>

The message body received by the send adapter is not valid for the CommerceServerProfilesUpdate API call. Message ID: 529029a6-5954-4446-bdd3-a5b4c5051cbb. Detail: There has been an optimistic locking conflict. The object could not be saved. This occurs when someone else makes a change to the object after you have loaded the object but before you have saved the object. To force overwriting of the other user's change, set the overwriteOnConflict flag to true. Profile Name = 'Address'. Primary Key Value = '{f8ec6880-9a9a-4059-9e10-1bb1712687ba}'. </InvalidProfileUpdateMessage>


To solve this issue, simply go to the adapter configuration on your send Port and set the "Updates Overwrite" property of the adapter to true. If this property is set, the adapter is allowed to overwrite the existing properties on the profile and hence the error is taken care of.