About Me: Santhosh Pillai

My Name is Santhosh Pillai. I am a Technical Lead in the Microsoft Developer Support Organization. Till recently I used to support OLE, COM, DCOM, .NET Remoting, and COM Interop technologies. I am moving to Multimedia support soon, but most of the posts I am planning to put here will be on the technologies I supported for the last 4 years: COM, DCOM, Remoting, and COM Interop.

You may have seen my postings in newsgroups like microsoft.public.win32.programmer.ole, microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.remoting, and microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.interop. If I failed to answer any of your queries there, it must be because I was really swamped.

Originally from India, now I live in Seattle with my wife Divya and my son Achu.