SQL Server Column-Store for SAP BW: Status and Release Planning

This blog was originally released in January 2015. It contained the text of  SAP Note 2114876 - Release Planning SAP BW for SQL Server Columnstore. In the meanwhile, the recommendations in this SAP note have changed a few times. Therefore, I removed the outdated information from this blog today (Mai 2017). Read the SAP Note instead.

However, I still want to share the following information from SAP Note 2114876 here:

To benefit from most improvements, it is highly recommended (as at November 2016) to apply at least the following SAP Support Package Stacks (SPS)

SAP release 7.00 7.01 7.02 7.11 7.30 7.31 7.40 7.50 
 SAP SPS 32 ** 17 17 15 13 15 13 4
** In SAP NetWeaver 7.00, the number of the SAP BW SP is always 2 numbers higher than the number of the SPS. For example, SAP NetWeaver SPS 32 contains SAP_BASIS SP 32, but SAP_BW SP 34.