SAP GUI 7.10 SP 13 - Support for Office 2007 Formats (*.docx and *.xlsx) and for Internet Explorer 8



SAP released SP13 for SAP GUI beginning of May. With this service pack SAP announced two important new features:


· Support of IE 8 in SAP GUI, see SAP note 66971

“Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 is supported by SAP GUI for Windows 7.10 as of patchlevel 13.”


· Support for Office 2007 files (*.docx and *.xlsx), note 1286768

“With new changes done in SAP Office Integration, both old .DOC & .XLS as well as new *.DOCX & *.XLSX files of MS Office will be supported.
Previously from SAP Office Integration it was only possible to work with compound document formats. As new Microsoft Office 2007 (*.docx, *.xlsx) files are non-compound document, it was not possible for SAP Office Integration to support the same. Now *.DOCX and *.XLSX format are also supported.”

SAP changed this in SP 13 for SAP GUI and DOCX as well as XLSX files are now supported. See also SAP note 1286768.


- Juergen