SAP GUI Support for Win 7

As Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows 7 at Oct. 22 2009, we have raised the question of early support for Win 7 by SAP GUI with SAP. The official statement of SAP is SAP GUI 7.20 will support Win 7. Information about the schedule and features supported are in SAP note 147519 which basically says:


SAP GUI for Windows 7.20 is scheduled for shipment in March / April 2010. The new SAP GUI release is planned to offer the following new features among others:

  • Support for Windows 7 operating system
  • Support for Office 14 package

As this schedule would potentially cause some problems with customers who would like to roll-out Win 7 early after RTM, we have gotten the following statement from SAP:

All SAP customers which will go live with Win 7 after SAP GUI 7.20 is publicly available in March 2010 (End of March) are required to install SAP GUI 7.20. All SAP customers however who want to go live with Win 7 before this time will be supported by SAP as pilot customers by installing SAP GUI 7.10 on Win 7. This consequently means there are no changes in the official announcement about support for Win 7 which will start with the availability of SAP GUI 7.20.

All customers who want to get earlier support for Win 7 (based on SAP GUI 7.10) have to contact SAP and will be registered on a list. SAP will support those registered customers in their best possible way - however, there is a time until than those customer will have to upgrade to SAP GUI 7.20. This time is end of June 2010. One of the requirements is the use of all actual patches. Corrections from SAP side will not be documented but will be shipped as part of the normal patch process. SAP will of course provide intense testing of SAP GUI 7.10 on Win 7.


- Josef