SAP TechEd in Vienna – Microsoft Session about Office 14 and SharePoint 2010, other Microsoft related sessions

I planned to be in Vienna for SAP TechEd next week for doing a presentation about Office 14 and SharePoint 2010 but as it looks I have to skip my travel. My colleagues Steve Fox and Juergen Grebe will deliver the session instead, so you still have a chance to get a first picture of Office14, SharePoint 2010, and the integration with SAP. Don’t miss the session on Wednesday, October 28th, from 9:45 – 10:45 AM in room L3.

Juergen Thomas, the technical lead and architect for SAP on SQL Server at Microsoft, will also give a presentation about “New SQL Server and Windows Releases as Platform for SAP”, if you are interested in the great benefits of running your SAP installation on the Microsoft platform I would recommend you attend this session.


Another great session is “Service-Based Single Sign-On in an SAP and Microsoft Combined Environment” from Martin Raepple who works as Standards Architect at SAP. It’s a hands-on session and he delivered it already twice at SAP TechEd Phoenix with great success and only standing room left so if you are interested in security and identity management show up early.

If you have any questions around Microsoft and SAP feel free to attend the sessions or stop by at the Microsoft booth.

- Juergen