15-day Training to Win an Internship at Microsoft

7128_mva-logo-transHonestly, we are bombarded with resumes since we have initially announced about internship opportunity at Microsoft Bangladesh, a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation. We have just received 667th internship application so far – reason being our delayed responses to many of them. However, the sad part is, a tiny fraction of the applicants actually stand a chance for an interview. We see lack of language skills and platform savviness we seek in the resumes. In order to make it a breeze for you, we have decided to give you a only 15-day training for a chance to win a call for an interview! It’s just that easy!

15-day Self-paced training

The following courses you can take at your home or campus in your convenient time as long as you have a working internet connection for streaming video on your computers and prepare yourself for an internship interview:

Course 1: Recap/sharpen your language skill – we heavily use C# (5 days): C# Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners

Course 2: Start learning Windows Phone app development from scratch (10 days): Windows Phone 8 Development for Absolute Beginners

-- OR --

Course 2: (10 days) Windows Store apps for Absolute Beginners with C#

Apply & Get Noticed

Are you done already? Congratulations, you are ready to apply for an internship – send us your resume: tanzims@microsoft.com. If you’d like to stand out from other applicants use #15daytraining hashtag in the subject of your email in order to get noticed by us.

Please note that this post only applies to Developer Intern position. Also, note that we have suggested it takes only 15 days for any average person to complete this training program, however you may want to take more time if need be.