Cool new little Editor feature in the Dec CTP – Edit.PasteParameterTip

It’s really the simple things in life. Ever had a long list of parameters for a method and didn’t want to have to look down at the tooltip to know where you were at in this list? Check out Edit.PasteParameterTip. Under the General Development Settings, it is mapped to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P, but you can change this to whatever you want under Tools – Options – Keyboard.

For example, suppose the method Foo below contained 4 or 5 parameters.


Leaving the cursor right after the open parenthesis (and the tooltip showing), hit Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P. Results…

this.Foo( int i, string j, int k, string l, int m, string n )

Now you can just update the parameters with your variables without having to follow along with the tooltip.

update 1/21/2005 – 2:30pm

By the way, there’s a corresponding Edit.CopyParameterTip Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C.  Forgot to mention earlier.