FSKA VIII World Karate Tournament this weekend!

I’m competing in the FSKA World Karate Tournament in Las Vegas this weekend in Individual Kata and Team Kata.  We (the team) have been training every Saturday morning at 7am since March 25th.  I am so excited that this date has finally come.  Team kata is where three people do the kata at the exact same time with the exact same intensity, landing right back at the exact same spot (without any counting).  The kata we’re doing takes almost 2 minutes to do, so it is a *lot* of work to keep focus for that long.

I’m doing the same kata for my individual.  i love doing kata competitions.  i love the feeling of focusing so hard on just the kata that you tune everything else out.  And of course the adrenaline rush lasts for an hour (from just 2 minutes of work).  Probably why i’m a adrenaline junkie.  =)

We have several camcorders going with us, so i hope to have the video posted when we get back.  Very cool stuff. 

Wish us luck!