Introducing the Visual Studio Extension of the week

Go over to the Visual Studio Gallery, and you’ll find almost 500 extensions available for Visual Studio 2010 RC. That’s a lot of extensions to look through and the product isn’t even officially out yet!

Visual Studio Gallery

Visual Studio Extension of the Week

I am very curious to see how people are extending the Editor and the IDE. So I’ve decided to write a weekly review on extensions I found interesting.

Extension of the Week RSS feed

Given the spirit of agile, I’m going to get an extension review out the door today, and will tweak my reviews and my extensions picks based on your feedback. I’ve discovered that once agile clicks for you in software, it clicks for you in many other aspects of life.

Visual Studio Tip of the Day

As many of you know, I started the Visual Studio Tip of the Day wrote a new tip about the Visual Studio 2008 IDE every day for 382 work days straight. As much as I enjoyed writing the tips, I knew I needed a break (since I had my day job running and hoped someone else would pick up the idea. Fortunately, Zain Naboulsi came to the rescue and started the Visual Studio 2010 Tip of the Day series over on his blog.

Now that I’ve left CodePlex to become a Developer Evangelist, I have time once again in my day to blog. And since blogging about Visual Studio has been a long time hobby of mine, it’s only fitting that I start a new series on my favorite IDE.

Welcome to the Visual Studio Extension of the Week and Happy Visual Studio’ing!