The Braidy Tester interviews me about software testing on Dr. Dobb's blog

Michael Hunter, our very own Braidy Tester, interviews me about software testing.  Yep, it has been a while, well over a year, since i’ve done pure software testing.  But fortunately, he let me pick the 5 questions i wanted to answer =)

In the intro, he talks about my custom-built motorcycle.  I wish i were that cool.  The story is i had a custom-built bicycle made from the motorcycle accident i was in.  The rest of the money went to student loans.  Every now and then, i think about getting a motorcycle, but then i put my hand into a fist and hit my leg where after 6 years still hurts from getting hit by the car.  Then i remember why in the ambulance, and the year afterwards, i swore i would never ride a motorcycle again