Easier way to collect dumps of 32-bit process on 64-bit server

We should use 32-bit version of Debugger like Debug diag x86 to collect manual dumps for 32-bit process on 64-bit server. Using 64-bit Debugger or task manager [in Windows Server 2008], will create a 64-bit dump. This will have dump of the syswow64 and it won't allow extensions like psscor, sos to read it properly in windbg and addresses are 64 bit addresses [even though process is 32-bit]. There is a easier way to get 32-bit dump on 64-bit server without installing any debuggers. Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 have a built-in 32-bit task manager under C:\Windows\SysWOW64\taskmgr.exe. We can use this and select "Create Dump File" for 32-bit process. To confirm we are using 32-bit task manager, check the process name of it. It should be taskmgr.exe *32.