Cool way to skip implementation of an abstract method in an inherited class (Abstract Override keyword)

Making a class abstract helps us to abstract some base functionality in the base class and it will en-force all the inherited classes to give implementation for the abstract methods. Not in all cases we will be able to give implementation for all the methods. In these cases we give dummy implementation for those methods which is not relevant for the class. We can get rid of this through abstract override keyword in C#. For example abstract base class Mobile might have abstract (Must Override) methods like DisplayCamera, ActivateRadio, Init etc... Abstract methods like DisplayCamera, ActivateRadio needs implementation from the actual mobile class. We might have many implementation of SimpleMobile phone class. In those cases we might need a SimpleMobile base class which handles all the common operations of simple mobile phones, but need to delegate the implementation of some methods to the actual implementers. In these cases we can use Abstract Override keyword to dictate or delegate the implementation of some of the methods to the actual child implementers.  Making use of Abstract Override keyword makes the class again abstract.

public abstract class Mobile
      public abstract void Init();
      public abstract void ActivateRadio();
      public abstract void DisplayCamera();

public abstract class SimpleMobile : Mobile
       public override void Init()
           // Implementation in child class.

      // skipping the implementation.
      public abstract override void ActivateRadio();

      // skipping the implementation. Which is not relevant
       public abstract override void DisplayCamera();

 Note - Thanks for the comments.