New Year Resolution

I am writing this post on the 1st of January 2008. It's a brand new day and hopefully a brand new beginning with lots of hope, expectations and ambitions being carried over my lean shoulders. I have been seeing the same day and night everyday of my life, but when it is the first day of a new year I tend to see it differently, or better said; force myself to see it differently of course with a tinge of optimism in it. With the onset of this new year I complete one year of my blogging experience and to be honest I loved it all the way. I am glad I could help some people no matter how less the number was and make change in the world how miniscule it may be...but I am happy and that's what matters.

Every year-end I spare a few hours for introspection, I sit down all alone in a secluded place and look back at the entire year...on various aspects of how my life was touched upon in both good and bad ways....but at the end of the day I end up with no grudges because I always feel whatever happens it happens for a reason and the reason is always rewarding and enriching....every experience teaches one some lesson and makes one prepared for "what come may". It's funny how people find ways to keep themselves going forward  but that's a hidden agenda of how nature keeps the momentum has to move on and prepare oneself for what is coming ahead than holding oneself back with what has already gone by.

I have lot of expectations from this year for some very personal reasons. Let's see how far I can reach in achieving them. There are no new year resolutions for me; in fact I never make one because my free-will always tend to break it and go against my determination just to make a mockery of how undetermined I am. And I say this with my bitter experiences in the past ;-)

Wish you a happy and prosperous new year 2008 ahead.