SBS 2003 BPA Updated

[Today's post comes to us courtesy of David Copeland]

The configuration file for the SBS 2003 BPA has been updated with new rules and a couple of fixes. Some of the new checks include:

  • Checks to see if the  Microsoft Active Directory connector is installed. If so, warns that it will need to be removed prior to attempting to migrate to Windows SBS 2008.
  • Checks for single labeled domain names.
  • Checks to see if the Exchange Site Replication service is running.
  • Warns if the Companyweb DNS record is an A record instead of a CNAME.
  • Checks to ensure that autoapprove.exe has been updated.
  • Verifies that applnch.exe is not set to read only.
  • Checks for the Allocated Memory alert condition.
  • Checks for a web.config file at the root of the default website
  • Verifies the userAccountControl attribute is the default value.
  • Checks to see if the upgrade from WMSDE to full SQL 2000 was completed for the SharePoint instance.
  • Checks for the existence of the Windows SBS default OU’s.
  • Checks for expiring/expired certificates on the default and Companyweb web sites.

You can ensure that you have the latest version of the configuration file by clicking on the "About the Best Practices Analyzer" link on the left, the current (as of 10/22/2008) Configuration File Version is