SharePoint Viewers and ADDons

You have to check this out:

Colligo Reader for SharePoint

Colligo Reader enables you to easily download content from SharePoint sites to your laptop - so you can access the content offline, rather than having to copy files one by one through a browser. Colligo Reader is completely free for individual users and very simple to use. Reader is a client-only application - no server modifications are required. The install package is just 4.1MB in size, so it takes less than a minute to install (no license keys are required). Colligo Reader works will all shipping versions of SharePoint, including Windows® SharePoint® Services (WSS 3.0 & 2.0), Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server (MOSS 2007), and SharePoint® Portal Server (SPS 2003).

This has worked great for those long flights when the in-flight movie is less than desireable....