XML Document Property Parsing in SharePoint 2007

My last post talked about the OpenXML format and its interoperability with ODF using the converter tools being developed.  Well, I had a question from a customer saying, so what, how can we use XML anyway.  Hello?  What planet are you on?

Well so I found out that they really love the new content type feature in WSS v3 so I decided to relate XML processing to something close to their heart.  They have been using the property promotion/demotion capability in SPS2003 and wanted to know how to customize this process for documents and InfoPath forms in SharePoint 2007.  Well, I was going to cover the details but then I found the following great blog posts, thanks Andrew!

1. XML Parser Overview

2. Using Content Types to Specify XML Document Properties

3. Determining Document Content Type for XML Parsing

4. Specifying Document Content Type for XML Parsing

5. Specifying XPath Namespace Prefixes in Content Types

There is a lot of great information here...