This is Scott... not saying goodbye.... just saying...

Now that I have finally finished working on the Design Time Tool (for the last time) and Enterprise Library 2.0 is near the finish line. I can let the cat out of the bag.

What a long strange trip it has been.  It is hard to believe that almost 3 years ago (January 6th), I started back at Microsoft and this small little group I had never heard of called patterns & practices.  3 years ago J.D. Meier e-mailed me and asked me to come do an interview.  Believe it or not, I was the second developer they hired as a full time employee (FTE) (most development was done with MCS).  It has been amazing to see the growth of this business and it’s following.  Alas, it is time to move on.

When I first got here, I started working on small projects like the first Logging Block, Authorization and Profile, and a *research* project that would help integrate our deliverables into the developer environment (now known as GAT).  That first year went by fast and led me straight in the middle of this small little project known as Enterprise Library.  For the past 2 years, I have really enjoyed seeing the uptake by the community and helping everyone out.  I am passing on the torch of dev lead to Brian Button.  He will take very good care of you.  And lets not forget Tom and Ed

Where am I going?  Well if I tell you I would have to kill you, but it is going to be really cool.  I will still post random thoughts about technology etc and preach p&p.  I just want to thank Gary for giving me the chance.

Along the way I have met and worked with some amazing people.  For those who I forget, I apologize up front. (I feel like I am at some awards ceremony and like an awards ceremony, the comments will not make sense to most).
Jim Newkirk – the players coach
Brian Button – never gets angry or forgets his robe and sandles
Peter Provost – my little prodigy
Brad Wilson – we are to much alike music man
Tom Hollander – community bulldog
Jason Hogg – who needs a car in New York (that is why you ran out of gas)
J.D. Meier – dragon whip tail
Edjez – boy I wish I knew some spanish / polish
Darrell Snow – yes I am a prima donna
The rest of the team

tshak – the kid
olaf – the other kid

Kzu – system.componentmodel can solve everything
fds – DI guy
All those guys at Clarius – automate your life

And last but not least, the management team at patterns & practices.

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