Which Server is being accessed via the Load Balancer / NLB

I was asked this question today and tried the following solution which seemed the simplest.

  1. Create a shared folder on each Web Front (WFE) Server.
    Name it the name of the server (or a friendly name you want to use to identify a server e.g. WFE01) and grant it full read rights to"everyone".
  2. Open the URL, e.g. Http://intranet.stealth.com in the browser as normal and let the page load.
  3. Now open file explorer and put the same URL (without http://) you normally access the load balancer with e.g. \\intranet.stealth.com

You should now see a folder share which should show you the shared folder representing the server name.

This is the server you are being directed to by the load balancer.

NB: This will only work if you have network or single affinity configured on the NLB.

This will give you a starting point to troubleshoot issues i.e. Performance or erratic behavior with multiple WFE's.