The athletic club that a lot of MS employees belong to recently started a Dodgeball league, and we have a C# team.  The name of our team is "try catch".  It's been a good break from Whidbey to run around and act like a 10-year-old at least once a week.  We faced off with a bunch of Cornell grad last night, including C++ pm Brandon Bray, and won in overtime.

The league allows us a few "walk-on" players -- folks not on the offical roster -- and I thought it would be fun to have some customers join us.  If you're a C# developer who can make it to Redmond for a Monday night game in the next few months, feel free to email me or our team captain (Scott Nonnenberg).  You too can act like a 10-year-old.  (Just remember to take some Advil after the game :-)

Happy C# coding!