Language Integrated Query (LINQ) at PDC

Today at PDC, we announced and demo'd Language Integrated Query (LINQ).  LINQ consists of language extensions to C# and VB, and a unified programming model that extends the .NET Framework to offer integrated querying for objects, databases and XML. 

While most of my team has been focused on delivering VS 2005 (aka, Whidbey, which includes C# 2.0), we've also been working in parallel on LINQ (which includes C# 3.0).  We're excited to talk publicly about this technology in detail and get your feedback!

In sync with the announcement and keynote demo, we also released a slew of information on C#, VB and LINQ.  The three quickest introductions are a Channel9 video featuring Anders Hejlsberg, a LINQ overview whitepaper, and a Q&A session with Anders Hejlsberg and Paul Vick.  For those who want to dive deeper, there are Tech Previews for both C# and VB on the LINQ site that you can download.  (These are compatible with VS 2005 Beta 2 only; they do not work with post-Beta 2 builds.)

Over the next few days, we will deliver a lot of LINQ presentations:

  • Wednesday 9/14
    • TLN306: The .NET Language Integrated Query Framework: An Overview at 1:45 pm (Anders Hejlsberg)
    • TLN307: C#: Future Directions in Language Innovation at 3:15 pm (Anders Hejlsberg)
  • Thursday 9/15
    • TLN308: Visual Basic: Future Directions in Language Innovation at 10 am
    • TLN306 (repeat): The .NET Language Integrated Query Framework: An Overview at 2:15 pm (Anders Hejlsberg)
  • Friday 9/16
    • DAT323: Using the .NET Language Integrated Query Framework with Relational Data at 8:30 am (Luca Bolognese)
    • DAT324: Using the .NET Language Integrated Query Framework with XML Data at 10:30 am (Dave Remy)
    • PNL11: .NET Language Integrated Query End-to-End at 1 pm (Anders Hejlsberg, Dave Remy, Don Box, Erik Meijer, Luca Bolognese, and Paul Vick)

We also have Hands-On Labs in the Main Hall for the above areas.  If you're at PDC, this is an easy way to use these technologies yourself.  On the other hand, if you're not as PDC, you can get the same experience by getting the Tech Preview, which includes the same product bits and Hands-On Lab instructions as PDC attendees are using.

It's been fun talking to customers today and reading feedback in various places (e.g., comments on the Channel9 video I referenced earlier).  I look forward to more of this in the next few days and weeks.  Thanks!