Larry O'Brien and SD Times coverage of LINQ

Larry O'Brien has an SD Times opinion piece and several blog posts on LINQ:

  • Select * From IQF: "Microsoft’s Integrated Query Framework (IQF) and Language Integrated Query (LIQ)—code-named Project Clarity—are the most important low-level innovations in mainstream programming languages in a decade. Not since Java showed that memory management and machine abstraction could be combined with an easy-to-learn object-oriented syntax has there been such an appealing marriage of power and potential. Virtually every application accesses data, and a large minority manipulates XML, so IQF’s entry into the mainstream seems assured. Equally important, IQF revitalizes (indeed, for the mainstream, introduces) data-structure manipulation as a primary tactic in the development of functionality. "
  • Blog post: LINQ Question, Some Answers
  • Blog post: LINQ: The Compiler Does Not Generate SQL