New C# Development Manager

I’m excited to announce that Steve Kruy is joining the C# team as Development Manager.  Steve comes to use from Speech Server, where he played a critical role in helping ship v1 of that product.  He is an excellent people manager and a passionate advocate for pushing quality up-stream in the development process.  Welcome, Steve!

Here’s a brief bio from Steve:

I'm really excited to be joining the team - I'm very passionate about the developer as a customer and have long been very impressed by the work you folks have done.  It's great watching the reactions of people who are used to command line debuggers when they first use the VS debugger, and watching people's skepticism of C# (both the language and the IDE support) turn to zealous praise.

I've been at Microsoft for a little over ten years.  My first product cycles were as a dev and then a dev lead on the daVinci Database Designer, then I moved to VSEE/TeamServer as a dev lead then the dev manager.  After VS7.0 shipped, I spent a year in research, as the group manager for IceCAP & LOP, then PREfix & PREsharp.  For the last two years, I've been the dev manager of the Microsoft Speech Server, a brand new server product for voice applications, written nearly entirely in C#.  Prior to Microsoft, I worked at Digital Equipment Corporation in NH and MA on a variety of enterprise applications and tools.

When I'm not at work, I'm doing all sorts of things with my wife Marie (who works in the Office Server Group) and our three large dogs.  Our current extra-curricular activities include renovating a cabin just the other side of Snoqualmie Pass.

Hiring and growing a great management team (Dev Manager, Group Program Manager, QA Manager), is one of my most important responsibilities as C# PUM.  Building a strong management team today should help us deliver better products in the future.  I'm very excited about Steve joining the team!

Happy C# coding!