VS 2005 bootstrapper

Keeping up with C#-related projects for the entire Microsoft platform and tools (from device to data center!) is an important part of my job.  I typically squirrel away documents (magazines; printouts; electronic versions; you name it) until I either have some free time to go through them, or have accumulated such a big pile that I make the time. 

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to find in my "reading" stack an excellent white paper on deploying Whidbey applications with the new bootstrapper, and a related post by Soma.  (I say "surprised" because I didn't remember printing it out :-)  The bootstrapper provides "an easy, integrated way to install all of the different prerequisite pieces required by your application".  Prereqs could be things like .NET Framework 2.0, SQL Server Express 2005, DirectX 9.0 for Managed Code, etc.

Since Beta 2 is now out, this is an excellent time to provide feedback on features like the bootstrapper.  Have we hit the mark?