Get Ready for the Opalis Onslaught

Ok, so “onslaught” sounds like a harsh term. Perhaps “juggernaut”? Ok, how about the benign term “The Opalis Era’?

As we gear up for MMS next week I await with much anticipation (anxiety?) the wave of new interest in the Opalis product. It’s such an easy to use automation tool that will begin to be tied to virtually everything System Center and otherwise. As we go forward, I can really see the idea of the framework come to play here with Opalis playing the role of automation and orchestration of all the components.

We’re just beginning to see some IT Pro’s experiment with Opalis, and this bog article is the result of one of those:

I, Robot: Opalis and SCOM. Part I: Introduction.

As more people get familiar with what Opalis is, and what it can do, more people will see the benefits and want to use it. This is where the community comes in, because we will need some trusted professionals to step up and become MVPs for Opalis. I’ll be blogging more in detail about this after MMS, but I just thought I’d plant the seed in your mind for now.


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