Even more Virtual PC/Server images

Virtual Server 2005 Enterprise Edition R2 box an

2007 Office System Demo and HOL Images

This virtual machine demonstration environment contains almost 50 Hands-On-Labs, ~25 demos, and more than 10 software packages.  A mere 50GB is needed on your hard drive to install this (large) image! Once you have walked through all of the Hands-On-Labs and demos, you will know more about SharePoint than you ever thought possible.

What are all those little icons of people?  You can actually log in as different entities into SharePoint to see the effect of targeted sites, make changes as users with different privileges, etc.  Very cool!


Visual Studio 2008 Rhythm Training Virtual PC

The Visual Studio 2008 Rhythm Training VPC contains a pre-configured installation of Windows Server 2003, Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite, and the Visual Studio 2008 Training Kit. The training kit includes 20 hands-on-labs, 28 presentations, and 20 scripted demos for technologies such as LINQ, C# 3.0, Visual Basic 9, WCF, WF, WPF, ASP.NET Ajax, VSTO, the .NET Compact Framework, and more.

Microsoft BI VPC 5.1 [Part 1] [Part 2]

All the BI stuff in one image... SQL Server with the BI Studio, Proclarity, OfficeWriter, PerformancePoint Server, Sharepoint...  Not to mention a bunch of sample data for you to play with.

From the official description:

Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI), a complete suite of server, client, and developer products, supports decision makers in developing deeper knowledge and insight that helps them make better business decisions, faster. Microsoft BI is delivered through three layers or workloads: data warehousing, reporting and analysis, and performance management and R5 has demos across these three workloads.