Practical .NET2 and C#2 is Finally Available for Sale!

The second edition of Practical .NET2 and C#2 is finally available for sale on The official release date is technically on October 15th but it is possible that outside orders (such as on Amazon) be a little delayed. This is due to the fact that copies of the book were delivered to our distributor only ~1 week ago and the copies need to spread from our distributor to the wholesalers and finally to the retailers.

I have received my inventory on Friday and have updated the website so the book can now be purchased directly. We offer a special release pricing of $36.99, which includes free USA shipping. If you already have the first edition of the book, we are also offering an Upgrade Program which allows you to purchase the second edition for only $20.00.

Book Description
The second edition of Practical .NET 2 and C#2 takes upon the success of the first edition which is the English adaptation of the best selling French title on the topic which has sold over 3800 copies in the French market since its release. With the recent release of .NET 3.0 in 2007 and the ever increasing popularity of the .NET platform, the second edition of Practical .NET 2 and C#2 continues in the footsteps of the success of the first edition by offering revised and adapted content to meet the changes that came with the release of the .NET 3.0 Framework.

The book can also be purchased on using the following link: Practical .NET2 and C2 Second Edition: Harness the Platform, the Language, the Framework