Computer Investigations Beta - Now open!

Our team has just shipped a Beta release of the Fundamental Computer Investigation Guide for Windows. This new SolutionAccelerator will provide IT Professionals with the tools, processes, and best practices necessary to conduct an internal computer investigation.

By participating in this Beta review, you will get an early look at the guide and have the opportunity to provide feedback on its content and supporting materials. This is a great opportunity to have a real impact on an important solution accelerator from our team. Plus - reviewers with high quality timely feedback will be included on the acknowledgements page!

We need to receive all feedback by 12 noon PST on Wednesday, November 8.

To download the Beta, join our program on Microsoft Connect (invitation ID built into this link).

If you have not previously registered with Microsoft Connect, you will be required to register with a valid Windows Live ID before you can download the Beta.

We're all anxious to hear what you think about the guide - enjoy!

Derick Campbell
Group Program Manager, Solution Accelerators - Security and Compliance