Help us develop a new Solution Accelerator focused on Secure Collaboration

Employees need to share documents with individuals from other companies, such as partners and suppliers. These documents often contain sensitive information that needs to be kept safe and secure. Microsoft SharePoint products deliver the document collaboration capabilities, but many IT departments have been reluctant to use a SharePoint infrastructure with external parties because of concerns about security and user management.

Project Inverness is an effort to address these concerns. This project will provide authoritative guidance and tools to help your organization set up SharePoint to provide users with the flexibility they need to collaborate easily with external people while simultaneously allowing the security manager to rest assured that confidential data is protected. This Solution Accelerator will be freely downloadable from TechNet.

To help us develop a Solution Accelerator that really helps address our customer's pains, we need customers like you who can review our designs, preview early versions of the guidance and tools, and provide valuable feedback. The benefit to Microsoft is obvious: with your help, we can provide a Solution Accelerator that better meets the needs of our customers. You can also benefit from participating in our development process. You will help ensure the final deliverables meet your specific needs, get early access to the solution accelerator so you can begin planning your implementation, gain access to Microsoft experts, and be acknowledged for your contribution in the final deliverables. In addition, we will provide a nice thank you gift to those users who make a particularly significant contribution to the project.

If you are interested in helping out, please visit and follow the instructions to enroll in the program.

Thank you,
Bill Canning
Sr. Program Manager
Solution Accelators - Security and Compliance