LGPO.exe v2.0 PRE-RELEASE: support for MLGPO and REG_QWORD

LGPO.exe is a command-line utility to automate the management of local group policy objects (LGPO). Version 1.0 was released last January. The PRE-RELEASE LGPO.exe v2.0 is attached to this blog post, and adds support for Multiple Local Group Policy Objects (MLGPO) and 64-bit REG_QWORD registry values. It also adds support for /e mnemonic options to enable the GP client side extensions for LAPS, Credential Guard, and Device Guard.

Full details are in the LGPO.pdf in the download. For more information about MLGPO, please review this: Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Multiple Local Group Policy Objects.

If these new features are valuable to you, please test them in your environments and let us know through the comments on this blog post how well it meets your needs.


[Update: the latest version of LGPO.exe is here.]