Regulatory Compliance Guide update!

Folks, we need your help!

If you're interested in contributing to our efforts to provide the best Solution Accelerators for Compliance, read on.

Generally, organizations that need to comply with regulations such as SOX and PCI DSS use a variety of disparate commercial and internally developed practices and tools. Microsoft is currently building a comprehensive governance, risk, and compliance solution that consists of knowledge, practices, community, and software.  We would like to offer you a special opportunity to help shape development of this solution and how Microsoft engages the compliance community. 

Participants may do so anonymously or, upon their authorization, be credited in applicable publications. They will be provided with early views of different components and have an opportunity to contribute to the formation of a comprehensive solution to help address IT compliance issues.

We are very interested in learning about how you align technologies to multiple, overlapping regulatory requirements and frameworks as well as what tools and software you use. If you are interested, please take the time to join one of our live meetings we will be holding starting This week.




To participate in the Live meeting please join the team, using Microsoft Connect Microsoft Connect Web site (


Invitation code: oclm-X8PK-YVKH