There's still time to participate in the Data Classification Toolkit for Windows Server 8 Beta review!

The Data Classification Toolkit for Windows Server 8 Beta (DCT) review period will soon close, but there is still time to participate. Thanks to all of you who have already downloaded the beta release and provided us with your feedback. Your input helps us to improve the quality of the final DCT release. The DCT is designed to help you benefit from features in both Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. The new user interface in the DCT lets you quickly deploy file classification rules and manage central access policy and claim values on the file servers in your environment. Here are two screenshots of the new Classification Wizard and Claims Wizard showing the actions that you can perform:



Classification Wizard screenshot



Claims Wizard screenshot


Each wizard is designed to guide you through the steps to perform the action that you select. If you prefer, you can run the Windows PowerShell cmdlets that support these actions in the DCT using either the Microsoft Data Classification Toolkit Console or a Windows PowerShell command-line shell. The toolkit makes it easy to automate the file classification process, improve file management efficiency, and simplify central access policy configuration on your file servers.


Tell us what you think!

If you downloaded and installed the DCT beta package, please take a minute to complete this features survey. With just a short time left before we lock the final release of the DCT, we would like to hear your feedback on the new features of the toolkit. Here is the survey link:


Download the DCT beta package today!

If you joined the beta program but have not yet downloaded the DCT beta package, there is still time to download the toolkit, install it, and respond to the features survey. Here is a link to the download details page for the beta release:


There is still time to join the beta program!

You still have time to participate in the DCT beta review program. Join the beta program and download the beta materials today. Here is the link to join the program: