Using AppMakr to build a WinPhone 7 app on your lunch break...

Earlier this week, I heard that Windows Phone 7 is supported by app building site: AppMakr.Today, I though it would be fun to see if I could create an app on my lunch break that would let readers view my blog and twitter accounts and get updates from the developer center.  It was shockingly easy.

Step 1:  Register for an AppMakr account on the AppMakr site.

Step 2: Assign a Feed to your app.  In my case, I just pulled the See Also RSS feed off of feedburner for my blog.

Step 3: Create a 512x512 png for the app icon and a 480x800 png for the splash screen. 

My icon looks like this:

My Splash looks like this:


Both really simple images that could be created in MSPaint.

3) Clicked through the AppMakr wizard to the step for monetize.

4) Sign up for an account on Microsoft Publishing center using your Windows Phone Developer account.  From this site you then generate an Ad Unit and add an Application for your new Windows Phone 7 app.  Copy your identifiers back into AppMakr and save to then move to the next step.

5) Click the build icon and your app will then be placed into the build queue and you will then be able to publish it to the Marketplace.

Ridiculously easy and fast way to throw together an app that does what many people are looking to do in apps.  Now to create apps for all the blogs I read *sinister cackle*.