Windows Developer Center Updates for 12/10/2010

Last week we added a few new whitepapers for accessibility.  This week, we announced the Windows Development Bootcamps and published new howto videos.

New Whitepapers

The Microsoft Web Accessibility Handbook is a downloadable book that covers various topics for creating Web sites and Web applications that are optimized for accessibility.  There are a number of disabilities that can make it difficult for some users to access and interact with content and applications on the Web and this is a great primer on how to be considerate of these scenarios and how to support them.  More information on accessibility can be found in the Accessibility section of the Windows Developer Center.

Developing Energy Smart Software is a whitepaper produced by the Power Management team that investigates changes that were made by Adobe when they updated Flash to be power-aware.  For more information about power management in Windows 7, see the Power Management Learning page, or check out the Developer Forums for Power Management.

Promoting Inclusive, Open, and Transparent Government through Technology is a whitepaper that gives guidance for balancing privacy and security while still meeting obligations to informing citizens.  This whitepaper also discusses how SharePoint can be used to collaborate and share information.

The Windows Development Bootcamps

In the coming months, the Developer Platform Evangelist group will be putting together workshops for developers interested in training for Windows 7 Development. If you are familiar with the content that was created for kickstarting developers at PDC 2009 when Windows 7 released, consider this content an update to that content. The workshops for bootcamp will be free,  and will be hosted in a number of cities - many which have already been announced on the Windows Development Bootcamp locations page.

For more information and to sign up for attending (or running your own!) bootcamps, check out the Windows Development Bootcamp site.

New Howto Videos

We just published some new howto videos on the developer center. The first video, How do I: Use Multitouch in WPF shows you how to create a simple multitouch photo application.  The second video, How do I: Create JumpLists in Windows 7 shows you how to add taskbar jumplists to a WPF application.

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