Report Headers and Footers with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services


You would have seen page headers and page footers for reports (Can be enabled through the Report menu –>  Add Page Header / Add page footer in BIDS).

Have you ever wondered how to have report headers and report footers for your reports? Here you go, look at the below post on how to achieve the same.

As you all are aware Page headers and footers very easy to add and manage. But there is nothing built in as such for report headers / footers.

So any textbox before the start of first data region will serve as report header and any textbox after the last data region will serve as report footer.

Still confused and things are not clear, then look at the below image which will help you to understand things better.


Hope this clarifies what is a report header / footer and how to add one in your report.

Enjoy and enhance your reports with this awesome tool.



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