ReportViewer 2012 control not showing Print icon when viewed from IE 11 (Desktop mode)

Recently, I was working on a issue where you’ve ASP.NET web page with Report Viewer 2012 control and viewing it from IE 11, the print icon is by default hidden.

This happens especially under the following conditions:

1. You’re in report viewer control RTM version with build 11.00.3000.0. This can be verified by: Start –> Run –> type assembly. In the GAC folder view, locate the Assembly name: Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms with version

Right click on the file and open properties. Version tab should show you the installed version.

2. You’ve updated the report viewer control to SP 1 with the build number 11.0.3366.16 but you’ve installed .NET Framework 4.5. (For .NET 3.5 please refer the last part of the post)

If you add the web page in compatibility mode, this issue will disappear but could break your web page formatting.

In order to fix this, ensure the following is taken care off:

1. Ensure ReportViewer 2012 SP 1 is installed on the web server that hosts the web page containing the Report viewer 2012 control or on the development machine where you’re developing the page while testing.

This fix can be downloaded from:

2. Additionally, if .NET Framework 4.5 is installed on the machine, then ensure you have installed the .NET Framework 4.5.1 on the web server or on the development box.

Once these two are done and the machine is rebooted, the Print icon should be visible and should work expectedly.

Even after these changes you don’t see the Print icon, then check if you’ve a custom App_Browsers folder in your deployed project directory. It is there, please do rename it to a different name so that the ASP.NET will continue to use the browser settings that comes with .NET Framework.

The above topic is only for ReportViewer control 2012.

If you’re using Reporting service 2012 Report manager or Report Server URL to view and print reports, then please install SQL Server 2012 CU 8 for SP 1. It will enable you to view reports WITHOUT adding the URL under the compatibility view setting in Internet Explorer 11.

If you’re using ReportViewer earlier than 2012, then the only option is either to upgrade to ReportViewer 2012 SP 1 or use it with compatibility mode.  

For .NET Framework 3.5:

If you experience the same issue with Report Viewer 2012 SP 1 but running on .NET Framework 3.5, then you need to install the following two patches.

Install them in the above order. It requires reboot after installation of those patches.

In both .NET Framework 4.5 and 3.5 scenario, ensure there are no App_Browser folder being part of your project deployment as it will make your application to incorrectly behave for IE 11.



Happy Reporting!


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