MSR TechFest 2009

Hi there colleagues!

I’ve been keeping silence for last few months. It’s because we are working on a project around context aware systems and augmented reality, bringing ideas together.

Also I can’t disclose more details let me share with you a few links on AR-related projects that were presented @ MSR TechFest 2009 just these days!


Sticky Notes in AR (pre-last demo)

unfortunately no video :(

Project Videos:


Core Tools for Augmented Reality Michael Cohen, Principal Researcher from Microsoft Research Redmond explains his TechFest 2009 treasure hunt demonstration using Core Tools for Augmented Reality.


Situated Interaction Researcher Dan Bohus introduces the virtual receptionist, a research project designed to improve human-computer interaction based on conversational behavior.

Hope you’ll find these projects interesting :) And you if you got your ideas on how to marry Augmented Reality and Context Aware systems share your aspirations in this blog :)