Windows Sensors & Location Platform Booth @ Microsoft PDC

Hi there, that’s Daniel Kornev blogging right from Microsoft PDC in L.A.!

As I told previously, we just released a Windows Sensors & Location Platform with Windows 7 here @ PDC, and what’s amazing is that our very own PC|3 Team representatives – Dan Polivy (Senior Program Manager, PC|3 Components Team – SideShow, Sensors, Location etc), and Alec Berntson (Program Manager, Location Platform) are demoing Sensors & Location Platform bits right here at Windows 7 booth.

As you can see, a lot of people are here learning these innovative features of Windows 7, and lucky they are – Dan and Alec are sharing Sensors Developer Kits for free.

In Sensors Dev Kit you’ll find a Freescale Badge board with G-sensor (accelerometer), ambient light sensor (ALS), 8 capacitive touch sensors and USB plug so that you could easily attach this reference board to your Windows 7-powered PC and start working with new APIs of Sensors Platform.

Next week Bryant Zadegan from AeroXP will publish an interview with Dan Polivy (and wow, I was a camera boy here haha!), so stay tuned!