Specifying TFS URL explicitly for Team Web Access 2010

We have been getting questions lately about how you can specify TFS (Team Foundation Server) URL explicitly for Team Web Access 2010. When communicating to TFS application, Web Access uses the following order to resolve TFS URL:

  • Get the web.config setting
  • If no web.config setting is specified, use server's machine name to construct the URL
  • If machine name is not obtainable, use "localhost" to construct the URL

By default, there is no setting in web.config which causes Web Access to use machine name. However, there might be situations like TFS is configured to use a fully-qualified domain name. Adding FQDN to web.config would solve the issue in this case.

Here is a sample setting (which should be placed under configuration/webAccessSettings):

 <!-- Specifies the default Team Foundation Server to initially connect
when Integrated Windows Authentication is enabled. When more than 
one server is specified, these servers are displayed as a selection on 
the login form. -->
 <add name="http://tfs.mycompany.com:8080/tfs" />

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback about this.